Monday, February 2, 2009

Deep thoughts in the shampoo aisle and trips back in time

I went for a ride with my Aunt to run a few errands today. I wasn't too talkative, kinda mellow, and inner-reflective(if that is a word).
A couple of things caught my interest on a day like this, when on other days I might completely overlook them.
I was overwhelmed, amazed, and visually stimulated by the inside of the supermarket. So many colors, product casings, delicate displays, and careful shelving.
rows and rows of shampoo-which to chose?
If viewed as simply a photograph and not a photograph of a supermarket, I think you can see what I mean by visually stimulating.
carefully displayed fruits
Not to mention that I was in Stater Bros. I had an interesting time last time I took a "trip" there.

Then, since without cash I have been craving the need for more "things", I decided to visit the local library and get a card. Figured I could also find out what's going on in the community if I decide I'm bored or want to do some volunteer work.
I had a glorious time.
The best was when I walked up the magical stairs to the Children's section.
As I walked along the now chest-level shelves, I felt that I was 8 years old, smiling and running my fingers along their bindings.
The books looked and smelled the same as they did then. I felt myself get excited.
my gifts from the library
What I got:
CD-Orchestral Fireworks(Strauss and others)
CD-Verdi, Guiseppe (Aida and others)
CD-Carmen the opera
CD-Duke Ellington, Happy Reunion
CD-Speak in a Week! "Street Smart" Spanish
DVD-Amelie (with english subtitles
Book-Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, Roald Dahl

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