Tuesday, February 17, 2009

checking in...

I feel saddened cause I have little to report and little to show for the past couple days. I guess those moments are just as important to reflect on though.
I have an expected few days off, Mark Burnett doesn't need me to transcribe til the end of the week when they have shot some more content. You'd think I'd be happy to have some free extra paid days, but I really wish I was working.

So now I feel like I should be taking this time to look for work, build a site for the side business I will start with my mom and sis, network, etc, but...I don't enjoy being on the internet for extended periods of time... it kinda makes me sleepy.

One thing I am learning is that I am an active person who needs to be mentally and physically active. So new ideas are keeping my brain active; but new paid opportunities have yet to come to me.

So that's all there is. Trying to stay motivated and inspired at every turn. It gets more difficult each time.

On the up though, I had a pleasant dinner at my aunt and uncle's house on sunday. It was a grown up invitation and I felt very happy to be there with my boyfriend. Then Mikey and I went Cosmic mini-golfing on a free coupon...looking forward to our dinners though once I get my first check.

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