Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year, New Thoughts

Really you expect the new year to bring about something different, for it to be a fresh start, but I did not expect the type of freedom I would gain this new year 2009.
Some may say that being laid off is a downer, stressful, and a horrible way to start of a new year, but it couldn't have been more appropriate for me.
I notice though my experiences, that I have trouble "quitting" things, unless given an absolutely great reason. Any frustrations I had had at work, I told myself would "make me better at dealing with people" or "prepare me for the real world".
And perhaps this will prove true.
But I wouldn't have quit it on my own, I would have continued to take on mundane responsibilities, because its about the "whole" in the end right?
Well, it's good to be a team player, but I am going to think about "me" this time.
What I want to be making, where I want to be, What tasks I want to be doing, as there are many possibilities.
So, this flips my perspective, I guess you could say. I kinda feel like I did just before college ended, adjusting my resume, looking online for opportunities...Except this time, I am well prepared with a solid resume and professional reel.
So, who is going to want me?

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