Sunday, January 25, 2009

My date with my cousin

I meant to blog about my date with my cousin the evening it occurred, but I wasn't feeling too well, and so chose to rest and sleep.
This week was a tough one, mentally and physically, so I decided to allow myself to be pitiful.
But this next week cannot be the same, as much as I would like to wallow (is that a word?>) But I am still not sure of my plans, so anyway, I don't really know what to expect.
What worked out well (to get back to my date) was that I had been encouraged by the book I am reading to appreciate classical music. I got a fine taste of Stravinsky and others at the divine Walt Disney Hall performed by the Philharmonic.
Definitely something to check out once in a while if only to feel "fancy" for a moment.
My dates with my cousin are usually pretty "fancy"--or some other great adjective.

In other news, don't you hate those moments where things feel different? and You think that this feeling could extend longer, and you dont like that idea, but realize that it exists, and you wouldn't have much control over it if it was going to be that way?
I guess maybe that sounds confusing.
I hope I can mend it, and still come away from it feeling like a give and take-
still exists...cause the longer I let it linger, the more I feel detached.

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