Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day.

How did I feel today?
intrigued. curious. happy.
I got a bit frustrated when some of the programming and interviewers seemed to focus on the black community. I understand why...but he is the nation's president. And I am a little worried about this type of coverage creating a negative start...not a huge issue, but something that I noticed.
My boyfriend celebrated his 28th birthday on the day Obama was elected, and he says it feels like a "correction" for the last president that was elected on his birthday: Reagan.
my awesome boyfriend, Mikey
I just hope everyone works together and stays optimistic during this new era--
It will be trying time-and being out of work definitely gives me time to focus on that. But I am happy about the sense of community that is already being encouraged throughout the country.
Mikey's birthday, the day of the new president

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