Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cleaning up

I have been hesitating to come back to work (well, my former work).
Which is strange.
But there was--this sense of attachment, that I needed to brush off. A feeling of taking the layoff personally, and feeling left out because things were moving along without me there.
But, leaving without tying up the loose ends, finishing the projects that I had started, was only going to make me feel like I still had unfinished business there.

So, today I completed some work for the Fuji Minx video (which was also a sore loose end that I had been avoiding) and I am happy to say that it feels very good to have---well, a weight lifted off my shoulders.
I can continue on now, however I choose.
And hopefully, as I "clean up" here in the next week or two, I will gain more senses of freedom and feelings of energy and of...moving forward.
Here is one of the final videos I uploaded to my site,

also: computers test my patience.

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