Monday, December 1, 2008


This holiday was very different that others in the past. I felt like I had more of an awareness-of where I am at in life, who belongs to my life, and who I want to be. I guess I mean to say a closeness with my family, and appreciation for what I have. That is always the purpose of this holiday, but for some reason, this year, it was more apparent to me, I thought on it every minute of my vacation.
There is also this new excitement with the blog I created for my family, which I am having so much fun putting together!! I take photos with a purpose now, to document my family, which I am proud to be a part of.
I am also thankful for my dear boyfriend, as I have learned a lot about myself through being with him.
I have this travel bug inside me, that is itching to get out. I am up for anything right now, I feel like something is going to happen, either naturally or by some action that I will take. It is December. And a new year is coming.
A beautiful day!!

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