Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Running from the Cops

Last night, I escaped from prison and managed to not get caught, lucky for me, they were focused on capturing someone else and didn't see me slip by... when you dream, sometimes it feels like you can't run fast enough, but this time, I was able to flee, hide behind buildings, climb fences.
Finally free, I walked along the street, still wearing oversized sweats and hair a mess, I realized I would never be "free" again, but would be constantly living in fear of getting caught. I am sure this dream alludes to the movie I saw a few nights ago, La Misma Luna, about a young boy who tries to cross the border to see his mother.

Anyways, I had one of those half-conscious moments where I realized how shitty the dream was and tried to wake up. Those are always intensely frustrating.

More realistic and exciting... I finished the "Best Of" segments that I had worked so hard on. Another editor put the final touches on it, but the prep, camera work, and most editing was done by me

and the rest of the clips:
Best Interview
Most Memorable
Best Live Performance
Best of Songwriters Stage
Best of Vlaze Metal

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