Thursday, October 30, 2008


Sometimes I feel anxious, impatient, and results in an overall moodiness--that I am concscious of, but feel like I have little control over.
I always stress over the possible factors that could be contributing to this--my job, LA traffic, my diet, or maybe it's just my period.
Yoga helps some, I've found that quiet, "me" times, really help me to focus and result in overall wellness. Right now my "me" things are shopping at traders joe's, playing soduku, readign a book, painting, or writing in my journal. With blogging, it is hard to get too personal, also I am on the computer all day, so journaling is a nice break--where I can take my clothes off, lay down, and not "edit" myself.
One thing I learned from one theatrical professor in college, was not to "edit" yourself when writing. Write whatever comes out-everything--no matter how weird or off topic- that has helped me to really focus on what is bothering and sometimes makes me feel better.

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