Friday, August 29, 2008

My first Blog

It seems that in just this past year, I have thought things and understood things that I never preoccupied myself with before.
recycling different types of plastics, understanding my body, politics, god, space, making sense of my career, relating to my parents, understanding my grandparents, feeling in control, being in love...

I used to keep a written journal regularly-but haven't written in months. I usually write down my crazy dreams and hopes for things to change.

But being online, knowing that you're connected, well...I feel like I can explore my new thoughts and interests more easily.
For example,
I've been wanting to be a part of an environmental project lately...but not sure what and how to find it. I want to find something that would give me a sense of making an impact and where I could also put my talents to use.
I hope to find help with that online.
It all began with
It was so easy to understand, so informative, and effective in convincing me that there needed to be a change made.
The site is an informative environmental resource and there is a 20 minute video (that goes by so quickly) that talks about basically where our stuff goes. From manufacturing it to disposal.

I have become kind of a freak now when it comes to recycling. I am very conscious about what I toss out and am seeking ways to eliminate unnecessary trash.
It's pretty difficult. Plastics/unrecyclables are everywhere.

The main thing I am worried about is that I will become so overwhelmed that I will just give up.

And then there' s my next preoccupation. The election. Never have I cared more or applied myself to understanding the policies and other details of an election.
I never cared about politics. So boring.
So, everything that is going on now is completely exciting. And I am rooting for Obama.
But actively understanding why. I couldn't make a decision unless I was educated to support it.
So that's where being online helps as well.

This weekend, as everyone goes away for Labor Day, I will enjoy doing nothing, as I already enjoyed a week of fun times in SF with Mikey. Think I'll post up some photos from that later.
For now, I better get back to editing Eew That's Gross, a teen-science show I developed for our network which should be up soon.